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The Way to World Government

June 5, 2009

We are experiencing an economical crisis which is – like the one in and after 1929 – created by the biggest sharks of the Wall Streets It seems that no one can or will stop the crisis – as though it is to be allowed to crash the world economy completely – in order to give a larger proportion of our money to those behind the crisis as well as more political control of the world. Let us see how they are managing to do so.

Demanding the end of national currencies, The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR´s) “Foreign Affairs” May/June 2007 wrote: Globalization and monetary nationalism are a dangerous combination, a cause of financial crises and geopolitical tension. The world needs to abandon unwanted currencies, replacing them with dollars, euros, and multinational currencies as yet unborn

Reuters March 17, 2009: The day before he returned to the U.S. Treasury for six weeks to help the understaffed Obama administration, Edwin Truman published a proposal to give the International Monetary Fund more firepower to fight the financial crisis: a one-off $250 billion allocation of  Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) to IMF member states. It could be sort of a global central bank printing money which could lead to inflation.

Think of the Special Drawing Rights as you like. Some see them and by and by the dollar, too, in this way.

The CFR supports the IMF solution cautuiously . In 2007, CFT Alan Greenspan suggested the euro to take the role of international reserve valuta instead of the dollar

March 26, 2009 Paul Watson, Prison planet: One day the US Secretary of the Treasury telles Congress that he opposed to a new World reserve currency, the next day he tells the elitist CFR that he is open to it!

But what is behind this?

Pres. Sarkozy and Prime Minister Gordon Brown as of Oct. 2008 called for the IMF to be the international money control organ demanding it to be reinforced by another 250bn dollars so as to have 500bn dollars at its disposal. In the meantime , Mr. Brown demands an 450bn instead – and US Secr. of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, an 750bn dollars more for the IMF.  Now the Chinese Central Bank chief has joined the demand: The Telegraph 27 March 2009:  The Chinese proposal, outlined this week by central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan, calls for a “super-sovereign reserve currency” under IMF management, turning the Fund into a sort of world central bank. The idea is that the IMF should activate its Special Drawing Rights. These SDRs would expand their role over time, becoming a “widely-accepted means of payments“.

Now in The Times on March 27, China´s Vice-Prime Minister, Mr. Wang Qishan, confirmed Chinas readiness to support such an upgraded IMF financially.
Wall Street Journal 25 March confirms Mr. Zhou Xiaochuan´s proposal. “the proposal is unlikely to change the dollar’s role in the short term.” Like China, Russia recommended that the International Monetary Fund might issue the currency – and emphasized the need of a new super reserve currency. But Russia now demands gold in the currency basket of the IMF – a titbit for Rothschild in particular.

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